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Switchboard Cables

Generally are used for signalling purposes between switch-boards. These cables have overall screen (with al.foil tape + drain wire and/or with tinned copper wire braid as shield ) for protection against internal electrical charges and external electrical fields. These cables are manufactured in the form of multi-core , multi-pair and multi-pair with each pair in individual metallic foil (PiMF). They are manufactured Generally in acc. with VDE 0813 or Simens standards

Construction :


Solid or stranded tinned(or plain) annealed copper


PVC type YI 3 (BS 6746 type 2) or PE


Two insulated conductor twisted together (for Multi-pair

cables) , and each pair has aluminium-polyester screen

with drain wire (for Multi-pair PiMF)


We have two kind of Pair (or Cores) stranding :

Unit-type stranding (BD) or stranding in layers (LG)

Static screen

A Polyester tape and aluminium-polester tape with drain wire to form overall screen .


Tinned Copper Wire Braid (if required)


PVC type YM 1 (Black or Gray)

Color Code: As VDE 0813 or Siemens specs

Some most common used switch-board cables :

PVC insulated cables :
S-YCY 64x2x0.5/0.9 mm Bd8 IMF vzn
S-Y(St)Y 16x2x0.6/1.0 mm Bd8 vzn
S-Y(St)CY 16x2x0.5/0.9 mm Bd8 vzn
S-YY 10x2x0.6 mm PiMF LG
PE insulated cables :
S-2YY 2x(3x2x0.6) mm Bd IMF vzn
S-2YYCY 2x(3x2x0.6) mm Bd IMF vzn
S-2Y(St)CY 10x2x0.6 mm Bd
S-2Y(St)Y 10x2x0.6 mm Bd