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KERMAN CABLE INDUSTRIES (KCI) was established in 1984 by co-operation of a team of experts in industrial estate no.1 of Kerman. In the first phase, KCI had 5000 m2 production area in the land having 20000 m2 for manufacturing several types of cables.
In the second phase, KCI increased the production area to 20000 m2 in the land having area of 60000 m2. KCI is active in the field of cable production with modern European machinery and with 400 personnel. The nominal production capacity of the factory is 13600 metric tons of cable products per year.

As there are considerable sources of cable’s main raw materials (such as copper, pvc, steel, lead,…) in IRAN and in the other side there are huge requirements of wire and cable in IRAN , KERMAN CABLE INDUSTRIES (KCI) was established by a team of experts in technical, research and quality control matters .

KCI have modern European machinery and well equipped laboratories. Manufacturing coaxial cables for TV, CATV, Electronic industry and data communication and computer networks, military purposes, mobile and telecommunication centers was the outstanding point of KCI’s innovative activities.

The development of manufacturing lines have been continued by production of telephone , switchboard cables for telecommunication , flexible and shielded control cables , instrument cables , power low voltage cables , submersible pump wires , wires for automobiles , LAN cable , railway signalling cables , … according to special requirements of corresponding projects up to now .

Most types of mentioned products have been manufactured for the first time in IRAN which were qualified according to international test methods and complied with all related project’s requirements. KCI has cooperated with many national and international projects such as power stations and substations, petrochemical plants, oil and gas refineries, cement factories, railway,… in supply of different types of required cables.

In addition to continuous innovations, the management has specially emphasized on the quality of products and services. KCI has certificate of ISO 9001-2000 quality system, national standard and special approvals from international laboratories such as Warrington fire(in England). Also KCI’s QC laboratory has granted as accredited laboratory of institute standard of IRAN and can test cables on behalf of them. KCI is a well known company in top brand of cable manufacturers in IRAN and majority of companies active in different branches of industries have KCI in their approved vendor lists. Recently KCI received merit award from OIEC Company that was active in phase 9 & 10 of south pars gas field development project, because of on time delivery and high quality of the cables to that site. Considering above matters and daily needs of our industries to cable products, KCI has continuous development plans to comply the newest requirements of those projects.